So many sweet Bee items to choose from!


Spinner Squad for the fidgety types. Let's have fun and spin!


Insulated Bottles for hot and cold beverages!


Always something new from  Simon Pearce.




Revolutionary Concord

Simon Pearce


Holidays & Seasonal Items

New Products

It's SPRING at Revolutionary Concord

  • Spring holidays are in full swing.
  • Come see our "Melissa & Doug" display
  • Celebrate every holiday with our unique and spirited collections!
  • New and Exclusive: Concord Tea Towels
  • Games and fun for all ages

Literary Concord

& America

"Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations."

- Henry David Thoreau

  • Books for adult, and children of all ages.
  • Books by Concord authors and books of American Wisdom

Colonial Candles

+ more candles

Quality, and affordable candles with a New England history!

  • We also have beeswax candles, tapers and votives.
  • Browse our collection of candle holders and holiday candle offerings.
  • For the entire month of October 2016 we are offering Colonial Candle Blue Box Sale
     20% OFF Box of 12 same color candles.


  • Makes the perfect gift for all occasions - weddings, anniversaries...
  • Bowls, vases, candle holders, and seasonal designs



10 AM - 6 PM





12 PM - 5 PM

Wind chimes and singing bears, flamingos and Damit Dolls,... delightful and dizzy. Bring your fun and imagination and we will offer you Concord, and the magical. The Revolution has begun. We truly are the SHOP HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD!!

Uniquely American Made Products

80% of our store's merchandise is made in U.S.A


Revolutionary Concord is an eclectic gift shop offering a mix for all ages ranging from baby showers to golden anniversaries. We offer whimsical, fun American-made gifts including Colonial Candle tapers with candle accessories, Simon Pearce Glass, stunning jewelry, colorful scarves, wind chimes, baby items, greeting cards, and gift wrap. Let’s not forget a wall of Concord and USA souvenirs for Concordians and visitors alike!


We celebrate everything Concord, Massachusetts and Boston!

Stop by, say hello, and take home
a bit of Concord!

  • Boston souvenirs - Revolutionary souvenirs
  • Coasters, mugs, sweatshirts
  • T-shirts, pins, cards, books, TOYS
  • Flags, blankets & throws
  • Artwork, postcards, shot glasses, wall plaques... & more

Browse our amazing collection of Simon Pearce Glass,

handcrafted in Vermont



Scroll down on this page to see just some of what is in-store for you!

Scarves, Clothing, Hats, Slippers...

Jewelry &

Beauty Products

We boast a stunning collection of affordable jewelry.

  • Silver Forest jewelry handcrafted in the USA.
  • Necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings
  • Everything from the classic to the trendy
  • Seasonal & Holiday jewelry with fun and flare!
  • Shower caps and beauty potions

Whimsical &


Toys and fun for all ages! Come join the Revolution.


Scarves, Hats, Slippers, Socks, and Various Clothing & Accessories

  • We have scarves in all colors and styles for every occasion. Makes the perfect gift and the perfect accessory!
  • Winter hats, summer bonnets, goofy hats, holiday hat and colonial hats
  • Clothing accessories of all kinds.
  • Pocketbooks, wallets and purses.
  • Slippers and sandals
  • Socks and footwear
  • Reading glasses



It would be impossible to show you everything in the store. Please come see it for yourself. If you are look for something specific, give us a call.

(978) 371-1635

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